Shaker Square Cinemas celebrate 75th Anniversary

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Lived in Shaker my entire childhood. Fond memories!

Couldn't be happier the Theater is still thriving. I lived in Shaker my entire childhood and took the rapid to shop at Woolworths and John Wade Music store buying "vinyl albums". Also eating at Stouffers for special occassions with the family. Loved that!

My fondest memory was when my Grandpa took my two older sisters and I out to lunch and then went to" The Colony" for EVERY Walt Disney Movie. Will never forget it!
We kept the tradition with our children, and cousins of taking rapid to the lighting of Shaker Square and then onto The Terminal Tower to go to the Twigbee Shop and the Silver Grill and we took home our cardboard ovens.
I must say we had a wonderful childhood full of loving memories all starting at Shaker Square.

Carol Stauffer Webster more than 9 years ago