DBA Hits High Note Downtown



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I will tell you this that the VT served more than 400,000,000 plant based meals in Akron more than DBA will ever serve we alll miss Scott Jones and his amazing plant based vegan fare!

Vegan more than 10 years ago


Great review! Could not agree more

Rod Herstich more than 10 years ago


Grreat review -can not agree more!!!

Rod Herstich more than 10 years ago


Sounds great, Abbs! How is the pricing? And do you know which Cleveland restaurants he owns?

Ben DiCola more than 10 years ago


Awesome review! I can't wait to go!

Lauren Ward more than 10 years ago

  • Hope to see you there! I will be there with my “Elegant, Fun, & Funky Jewelry.” Which styl are you

    Janice T. Filipski, Plank House Art Studio | 40th Annual Art on the Green

  • Found this on a web search in July 2022. The article was for April 2017. How about something up t

    Tim | Free Lunchtime Tai Chi

  • I've had them in all 3 restaurants. All are excellent.

    Regina Marie Rogers | The Story of Jojos in The 330