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Go somewhere else

Food is always cold....service takes forever.......and owners aren't very nice at all....they always look annoyed.

Bob more than 8 years ago

to slow

The eye opener would be a ok place if the service wasn't so slow they leave your order on the counter to long before its delivered to you. And good luck getting seating they act like you don't egsist and they just leave you standing there looking stupid. The food taste the same at Bob Evans no different. And the prices are no different eithier. I think people just make this place out of a big deal because its just some where different to go that's all really no big deal oh and the seating is horrible besides the booths the tables are just to close to other people. Trust me you' ll see

angel more than 8 years ago

Awesome food

Had breakfast with my mom there today. Excellent service and very tasty food. I am very picky and had no complaints. This is a must try restaurant.

more than 10 years ago

Brunchers BEWARE

I've gone to this place several times...hoping that it would get better with each visit. I can honestly say that the service is horrible, the food not much better.I first started going in the fall. They used to have a really good server there. I thought maybe she might be one of the owners simply because she seemed to be the only one who gave a care. Her name was Teri or Tracy. I haven't seen her there for a few months...since then, it's gone downhill. Too bad..could have been a great thing.

Jen Rivers more than 10 years ago


The Eye Opener is without a doubt my favorite resteraunt EVER. Not to mention Arnies S.R.O. Is fantastic too! Go there. (:

more than 10 years ago


had a good breakfast of Eggs Benedict- coffee was very good. Ordered a side of bacon-very disappointed with 3 slices for $3 and very thinly sliced-either add another piece of bacon or slice them much thicker. Next time I will try their spicy breakfast which includes chorizo sausage. As far as menu pricing- fairly priced menu except for the bacon.

Rich Griffin more than 10 years ago

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