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Best Roast Beef Sandwich Ever!

I started going to Jack Horner's when I attended nursing school at Akron City Hospital. We would go there for lunch. My boyfriend and I went there on weekends. We loved their Sir Beef roast beef sandwiches on an onion bun. We ate it with horseradish and mustard. Their strawberry pie with whipped cream piled high was delicious! The omelets were also great. I miss Jack Horner's to this day!

Sandy 94 days ago


When I was growing up in the 60's my father was a member of Akron University Club, played a lot of tennis there, and sometimes we would eat at Jack Horners . I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant , we were from Canton ,I was just a kid and thought about this for years until talking to someone from Akron one day and right away they said Jack Horners ! Just being with my dad was special and most important but I have great memories of Jack Horners. !!!!!

Jon Richard McFarland more than 7 years ago

Last days

I use to work there as a teen. Nothing good or bad to say in details except.. but the owner on Saturday mornings kept going to the register to check the money I believe he missed the profits!! Overall the staff were nice especially his son!!

Kendra more than 7 years ago


My friend and I used to go there for lunch. They had the best salads!

M. Gonzalez more than 7 years ago

A Great Family Restaurant, for a Long Time

I remember going to Jack Horner's for the first time when it was still just the stools at the counter. I was probably 5 or 6 yoa in the early 1950's. I remember the smell of hamburgers and looking up to lots of people. I continued to visit Horners while going to Central High School and then at Akron U. and while working in the rubber shops. The food was always Good, the service was always Good and it was always some place you could go for justcoffee and pie or a great meal. The staff was always attentive and friendly. They made us feel 'welcome'. I took my girlfriend, later to be my wife, and our kids there. They always looked forward to going because Jack Horner's was a great place to meet for families. We were greeted at the door and seated by someone from the Owen's family. And when there was a wait-line we waited for 5-10mins.
Perhaps that was because the Owens family treat their staff like family too. Those were good-times. They were good people.......

Gary more than 8 years ago

Loved that place!

I used to go there late at night after an evening out back in the 70's and early 80's. Loved the very distinct smell and they had great fried chicken!

Sheryl Morin more than 9 years ago

So good

I loved going there. My dad and aunt were in the hospital pretty often and that was our go-to place after visiting. I wish it was still around.

Linda more than 9 years ago

Truly Missed.

When men pledged Theta Chi Fraternity we would run up to Horners for every meal during Hell Week. Nothing ever tasted so good. That was in 1965 and I still remember the great food.

Skip Schoenhaar more than 10 years ago


Is this this the same Jack horner that studies fossils and discovered all those dinosaurs ?

Stephanie Gonzalez more than 11 years ago


My dad loved to eat lunch here as it was easy to park in affordable to order from. It had to be good: we came all the way from Alliance! Besides great prices, the home made pies were stellar...and a fav or ours in season was strawberry piled high with whipped cream. I looked for this place over the past 15 years, but never knew why it had closed until now. Yes, the cole slaw was tasty, as well as their entire menu was. You could not go wrong, no matter what you ordered. Glad to have been a customer their from the seventies until I left the area 15 years ago. Too bad that it relocated to such a high rent district in Fairlawn. In Canton, we lost a great place to park and dine also, where Aultman Hospital bought up that place...It was owned and run by Greeks, but it has been closed for so long, the name of the place escapes me.

C K MOSER more than 11 years ago

Cole Slaw

Ohh the cole slaw. It was worth the trip just for the cole slaw. Just lucky that I worked just around the corner at The University of Akron.

tom liggett more than 11 years ago

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