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In Style Accessories - The Best!

When it comes to shopping for accessories and finding the latest trends, In Style Accessories is my go to place! All of their employees are delightful and oh so helpful...they even gift wrap. The owner knows every customer by name and always remembers the designers and styles I like. This adorable family owned boutique carries unique beautiful handbags and jewelry. I have never left without a smile on my face and style in my hand, believe me when I say that In Style Accessories is truly the best!

Heather Christine more than 6 years ago

The office

I guess my decision was easy. If you want the best beer, drinks or food, fine dinning or burgers and piza. The office bistro is the only place in Akron that has it all and does it all well

David Caetta more than 7 years ago

best sports team

rubber city roller girls is my favorite sports team , exciting ,athletic, great people on the team if you havent seen roller derby before check them out !

scott taylor more than 7 years ago

Areas Best Stylist!

Emily Pallotta of Studio 1 Eleven is hands down the best stylist in this area. I'm originally from NY so its refreshing to have someone here that does this good of a job! 3306078527

Sandra Bateman more than 7 years ago

Best Beer List

Go to The Beer Haus if you want a good beer selection. They have way over 100 beers and they serve them is huge liters steins and glass boots. Totally cool. Check it out for yourself.

Jamie more than 7 years ago

Best Hairstylist in the area!

My stylist Emily rents a chair on Portage Trail! She is young but is extremely skilled and has fresh ideas on how to make us women look young effortlessly! She always listens to what I actually want and adds her own touch to it. Why waste your time? 3306078527.

AnneMarie more than 7 years ago

Best Dentist........

Tony Salem, A great dentist and great guy...............

John more than 7 years ago

Pawsibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron

What a great place to find a loving dog! Consider one of these special friends ~ this organization runs on donations only ~ what an amazing place!

Karyn Kaser more than 7 years ago

Why 25 min.

Customers come from all over to various businesses in Akron. They may not live in or frequent 25 places in Akron. How are they supposed to vote for their favorite business if they don't know 25 other Akron Businesses? There vote should count.

Jim B more than 7 years ago

Best hair

If you want to not only look awesome but feel great about yourself stop by the Scissor Room and get your hair done, these ladies are the'll love your hair and you'll have friends for life..They TRUELY are the best! Remember The Scissor Room if you love your hair:)

Robin more than 7 years ago

The Office Bistro

Best atmosphere, cocktails, local beer selectoin and staff in Akron, and right down the street from my house!

Bob more than 7 years ago

Dr. Kate Raymond

She is the best dentist I've ever had!!!!

Melissa more than 7 years ago

Best Animal Shelter

We volunteer at Pawsibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron. We've never known such a dedicated, warmhearted, hard-working group of people whose only goal is to help the animals who are brought to the shelter. Many have been abused, abandoned, lost, or worse. They need everything -- a bath, food, comfort, security, love, a safe place to lay their heads, freedom from terror -- and most of all a loving forever home. The goal of everyone at the shelter is to make this happen. Nothing makes us happier than to see an animal "go home."

Georgeann & Ron more than 7 years ago

molly's flowers

She's got the best in town!

laura cady more than 7 years ago

Best Florist

Molly Taylor Designs

Matt more than 7 years ago


Akrona is my favorite art gallery. It has unique items- sculptures to painting and all price ranges. Not to mention Darlene who is a warm, caring individual. She makes everyone welcome!

Sally Harding more than 7 years ago

Art gallery

I love the Akrona Gallery,beauitful art beautifully displayed. Warm friendly faces. We all need art to color our worlds.

Candace Bennington more than 7 years ago

best pet sitter/dog walker

What happened to the "best dog walker/pet sitter" option??!

Jackie more than 7 years ago

A Cupcake a Day

My daughter and I have so much fun going in and tasting all the different and amazing cupcakes!!

Miriah more than 7 years ago

why no best ?

why no best realtor, or real estate company ?

rich lubinski more than 7 years ago

A Cupcake a Day!

Amazing cupcakes!!! They are the Best around...

Jackie P. more than 7 years ago

A Cupcake a Day

This young lady has done a fabulous job turning a building space into a comfortable, charming and adorable looking venue...The cupcakes look delicious...Keep up the great work Shawna and congratulations on your opening on January 7th...

Barb more than 7 years ago

best dentist

Dr. Kate Raymond!!! The best dentist and staff!!!

Shelley more than 7 years ago

Best Dentist

The best dentist and staff!!

Kasey more than 7 years ago


Best bar and drinks In Akron.. Good people, good atmosphere...

Jenn more than 7 years ago

Cup Cake a Day Best Bakery

Shawna Rollheiser is the founder and owner of Cup Cake a Day Bakery in Medina, Ohio. This bakery has amazing, beautiful, and delectable cupcakes and posts the menu for the day every day on their facebook page. Shawna is a role model for young women everywhere and proves that hardwork and dedication are the steps to achieving ones goals and dreams. Cup Cake a Day Bakery is a great addition to the Akron area and is my favorite cup cake store. CUP CAKE A DAY for AKRONS BEST BAKERY!!!/acupcakeaday1

Chelsea more than 7 years ago

"A Cupcake Day"

totally delicious!

Person #11 more than 7 years ago

akron best DJ :)

more than 7 years ago

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