The Akron Brewing Company 1903-1919



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akron brewing company

My Grandfather, John Olah, owned a cold storage plant constructed in the southern part of the building. He constructed the refrigerating system for the plant. In the 50s, I would go with him and spend the day. I wasn't into warehouses, but 3 railroads ran behind the building. It was paradise for a budding train enthusiast. I now live in Seattle, and would have loved to have a brick from the building, but someone said they were ground up.

Dan Olah more than 2 years ago

Just a pile of rubble now ...

Just drove by on my way to work. Nothing more than a pile of bricks and rubble. Would have loved to have seen what it looked like in there.

David more than 4 years ago

Play it Again, Sam...

I'd love to see someone purchase this property and start the Akron Brewing Company back up again. Too small to be national and to large to be a true micro - brewery, it would be a state or regional brewery, like Yeungling.

Dave Andrews more than 6 years ago

I have an old pop bottle from People's Bottling

I have an old soda pop bottle from People's Bottling with little pyramid type bumps all over the bottle. I would like to find out more about the company and the beverage.

Mark J Blazick more than 6 years ago

People's Bottling co Bottle with bumps

I've got one of those bottles. Looks like it contained a soda named "Big Guy". Pulled it from the Cuyahoga River.

Jim more than 3 years ago

Akron brewing co building

Just driving through Akron on my way to Pa. Saw the building and googled it. A really beautiful building. Not sure if it is empty, but I can imagine a unique shop there. Maybe an antique mall

Erma more than 7 years ago

price value on bottlt

would love to no the value of one of there oldest bottles

happy more than 7 years ago


Just found a perfect old bottles off the bike trail in barberton .Awesome it survived over 100 years old

Ricky somerick more than 3 years ago

restaurant guide right rail

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