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Jackie Pekar Interview

Emily Vaeth

Local dog walker, Jackie Pekar, is passionate about pet care more

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Shane Wynn

Don’t just board your pets; pamper them! With blueberry facials, manicures and other personalized treatments, these pet-loving places will put the spring back in your Springer Spaniel’s step. Check out all their luxurious services, then let these pro more

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Shane Wynn

Animals can be man’s—and woman’s—best friends. They are compassionate companions that, once welcomed into your life, become family. Whether covered in fur, feathers or scales, our pets enrich life and add so much to each day. Animal instincts Pets an more

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When dogs are left alone all day, they tend to get into trouble. The CleverPet Hub offers interactive, adaptive puzzles for Fido to solve with lights, sounds and touch pads—and bits of food as rewards—whether her humans are home or not. more

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From cleaning marathon to memory lane more

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therapy pets teaser

photo by Shane Wynn

These compassionate therapy pets deliver comfort around The 330. more

May 5, 2015 5:04 PM Beauty & Wellness

Sigmund Freud once said, “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” more

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New signs coming to Summit Metro Parks this season more

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April 2014 more

Jul 31, 2014 3:56 PM

For five local businesses, every day is Bring-Your-Pet-to-Work Day. more

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There, I said it. “But, Abby,” you’re thinking. “How could you not like pets? They’re adorable. They’re loyal. They provide countless hours of subject matter for ridiculous YouTube videos.” more

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Senior Dog Handler, Akron Children’s Hospital Doggie Brigade more

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How to provide special care for your aging pets. more

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One reluctant pet person ponders the furry friends who populate his life more

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Pet ownership offers a potential for friendship that can enrich many years of a person’s life. Sadly, sharing your days with an animal also means you’ll be sharing in the pet’s inevitable death as well. more

Jul 24, 2014 4:11 PM Home & Garden

It’s staggering to think that each year an estimated 5 to 7 million companion animals find their way into the care of animal shelters across the United States. more

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Photo by Shane Wynn

We combed the area to find interesting combinations of pets and their people, and in the following pages, you’ll have the opportunity to meet these beautiful, bold, unusual and — dare we say it — adorable pets. Sit. Stay. Read. more

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  • Dubelko

    Shane Wynn


    Dr. Mary Dubelko has many animal family members. She has three dogs named Tootsie, Rocco and Skye. She also has four cats, 2 snakes­—including a brightly-colored snake named Eragon—and leopard geckos.

  • Springer

    Shane Wynn


    Dr. Tracie Springer sits with her long-haired dachsund named Lily. She also shares her home with a cat named Ash.

  • Scott

    Shane Wynn


    Dr. Steve Scott with his dog, Harley Quinn, and his two cats, Blaze and Ivy.

  • Riggs

    Shane Wynn


    Dr. Gary Riggs with two of his many pets—his cat, The Dude, and the Sulcata tortise, Bruiser.

  • Bridges

    Shane Wynn


    Emergency room veterinarian Dr. Mike Bridges with his two dogs, Gup and Incus, and one of his three cats.

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